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Our Mission

Art Night Bristol Warren… 
PROMOTES artists and arts organizations within our community.
CONNECTS the arts to our community.
GENERATES social, economic and cultural growth for our community.

Last Thursday of the Month Series – May- August

Enjoy Art Night Events May through August … walk, drive, or bike through each town at your own pace using our Handbill of Events as a guide. Visit featured Galleries, Artist Studios and Art Friendly Businesses. Enjoy LIVE music, theater performance, dance, artists’ talks and demonstrations. Every month features a host of new and unique art experiences!

Loved the in depth talk with Deborah Baronas!
Allison Wilbur
June 2018

This was an exciting event to celebrate the Arts!
Cynthia MacNeil
Ashaway RI – South County


Every Art Night brings new people and diverse audiences into IMAGO, IFA’s gallery in Warren. People are interested and appreciative of what is going on and the Art Night staff has done a great job publicizing special events, artist talks and performances we have held in conjunction with Art Night. It is great example of the vibrancy of the Bristol-Warren arts community and what can be done when arts organizations work together.
Linda Megathlin
IFA Board member and liaison with Art Night

Art Night has helped  make me part of a tight-knit community that I grew up in, but had been away from for awhile. It has introduced me to some amazing people I now consider friends.  It's incredible to be part of a small town so concentrated with talent.
Leslie Letourneau
Top Drawer at the Brass & Art Night Board Member

Art night is an exceptional opportunity for Bristol and Warren to showcase our proficient artists' creative works in a festive setting.
Walter Felag
State Senator, District 10


Co-chair: Darby Pontes
Co-chair: Susan Rotblat-Walker
Treasurer: Michael DeAngelis
Toni Cardoza
Elwood Donnelly
Geri Purcell
Amy Armstrong
Kate Lundin

Graphic Design: Lauren Enjeti
Social Media: Kristin MacDonald
Photography: Jen Lial, Janet Moscarello
Webmaster: Uriah Donnelly


State of Rhode Island Tourism Award 2012
L.I.F.E. Volunteer Award 2013
Best of RI, RI Monthly

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