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Art Night’s Season Finale By: Mark Bettencourt

The leaves are changing.  The sun sets sooner. The air is transforming into a crisp, cool atmosphere perfect for a roaring fire, pumpkin carving, apple picking and blankets. Lots of blankets!
Fall is here and when one season begins another one sadly ends as we bid farewell to a spectacular 5 months of Art Night.  But before we go into hibernation and start planning the 2017 season the local talent in Bristol and Warren, RI have a 14-venue finale to dazzle you with. Here are the highlights starting with Bristol and its nautical tradition.
We’re excited to partner with The Herreshoff Marine Museum to show off the history and art of boatbuilding and manufacturing. The museum is featuring artist Maddy Bragar who’s one of those amazing artists who can turn common items into a visual masterpiece. Her works blend seamlessly in the backdrop of a town like Bristol as she explores her interests in objects related to seascapes, farmlands and the blue-collar hands of time that wash over them.  
Continuing with our nautical theme is a visit to East Passage Boatwrights on 257 Franklin St. This marine yard offers quality care, repair and maintenance of yachts thanks to graduates from the International Yacht Restoration School. The yard is featuring more works from Maddy Bragar as well as the young and talented Nate Feder who’s graduating from a boat building and restoration program at IYRS in 2017. 
In case you were wondering where you get the wood and materials to start building your own yacht we’ve got the solution! Newport Nautical Timbers on 60 Buttonwood Ave. is joining the fun to highlight the art of cultivating and finishing quality wood commodities for the production of boats, yachts or whatever you can imagine out of a piece of timber. 
You’re probably not going to find any boats at Byfield or Reynolds School this Thursday but they are housing a crop of talented Visual Arts students from Roger Williams University. Sponsoring this event is Arts In Common, a great community organization that promotes the economic and cultural growth of activities involving the arts. 
The Mint Gallery on 433 Hope St. is quickly growing an outstanding collection of works from their talent pool of local artists including a new batch of charcoal and pencil figure drawings by unknown artist GMH. You’ll feel a warm embrace out of the cool fall weather when you walk into this elegant gallery.
The Re/Max River’s Edge office on 47 Bradford Street continues its patronage of the arts by housing works by Jeanne Cardarelli Raimondi. Jeanne has many interests in the arts world including handcrafts and decorative arts but really shines through in her watercolor and oil painting talents. 
Edward Jones on 557 Hope St. is joining the cause this month by housing the artwork of Susan Butler. Her recent works are inspired by her travels to California and home in Florida. Clearly Susan has the right idea of finding inspiration in parts of the east and west coasts with no impending snowfall. 
Grasmere on 6 Franklin St. is back on the slate of venues featuring a bevy of talent including art photography of Stephen Brigidi, drawings and paintings by Holly Wach, as well as watercolors and jewelry from Christina Martuccelli.  While you’re exploring this eclectic artisan mix there will be live music performed by Stephen Adler and Haywood Gelman. 
Our fall finale wouldn’t be complete without a tour of Bristol Art Museum that has new exhibits to share. Thomas Lyons Mills has works in the Livingston Gallery where he offers his expert perspective based around his extraordinary experiences in European pagan sites and Italian catacombs. Ellen Blomgren is molding the Brick Gallery in her own vision with a ceramic installation that’ll unleash your imagination. Finally, Salley Mavorwill show you what can really be done with a needle and thread in the Abbott Low Gallery. We’re not talking clothes either! 
If that’s not enough to satisfy your Art Night inch through the fall and winter don’t worry. Warren’s got plenty to proudly showcase as well. 
30 Cutler Street houses a wide network of artists and craftsman along the endless twists and turns of the refurbished mill.  Opening their studios to the public are painter Ellen Ferrin who will show off her interpretation of the interchanging qualities of water and the tides.  Lisa Abbatomarco’s eclectic mixed media art will leave you in wonder.  And Laura Travis’s blend of folk and fine arts will change your view of stone sculpting. But make sure you go see the impressive Madison Trauth and her Interactive Art Show as well. She developed this senior project with guidance from artist Adam Ferbert. Way to make Millennials look good Madison!
The Masonic Lodge on 39 Baker St. is offering a guided tour at 6:00pm of its beautifully preserved Egyptian frescos in the Lodge Room. The building itself has stood since the 18th century and is one of the oldest Masonic Temples in North America. That’s history and art at the same time! Who doesn’t love multi-tasking? 
The Imago Gallery on 36 Market St. is housing A National Juried Exhibition featuring 30 mixed media works by 19 different artists from all over the country. The exhibit will last until October 23rd. Juror Santiago Cucullu will preside over the exhibition and award several of the artists with cash prizes including a $1000 Best In Show award. 
Don’t forget to visit Top Drawer At The Brass on 16 Cutler St. This organization has a delightful, encouraging atmosphere that replaces the day-to-day challenges of their artists with imagination and creative energy. This month they’re showcasing beautiful works from Bill Walker, Brian Novasad, Katie Carrier, Steven Green, Livy Young, 
And finally, make some time to party with Made In Warren as they host a reception from 6:00 – 8:00pm. where you can meet and mingle with their featured artists of the month including Lisa Abbatomarco, Ellen Blomgren, Violet Drury, Elizabeth O’Connell and John Vierbickas. The range of talent across multiple disciplines of the arts is what makes their shop and receptions so special. 
With so many unique artists in every discipline you can think of, this Art Night finale will be sure to satisfy all purveyors who support the arts culture growing in the East Bay.  As the veil of winter looms ahead the Board of Art Night would like to thank you all for your continued support and stay tuned for news on the upcoming 2017 season! 
Mark Bettencourt is a freelance writer and producer based in Rhode Island who tells stories through arts and entertainment. You can keep up with his projects and written works at
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