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Warren Art Center,
325 Water St.
Warren, RI 02885.
Member since 3/31/2014
DIANA COLE, Stained Glass Artist, Singer, Poet
Diana Cole began working in stained glass in the 1980’s while pursuing a career as a professional singer. Since moving to Rhode Island over 2 years ago she has turned her attention to writing and creating stained glass full time. She has exhibited work at the Attleboro Museum, the Deblois, Hope and Imago Galleries, The Warwick Museum and in Bristol Museum’s Al Fresco Exhibit 2013 where she won a prize in the category of 3D. She was a featured artist in the Bristol/Warren Art Night in 2013.
As a poet, she is a member of the Ocean State Poets whose mission is to encourage the reading, writing and sharing of poetry and to create opportunities for others to find their own voices. She has been widely published in journals from coast to coast.

Artist Statement: There is something old and magical about stained glass yet so many new ways to work color, shape, density and texture to excite the eye. With my experience as a singer I am attracted to rhythmic movement in my stained glass as well as working with colors as one would consonance and dissonance in music. 

Meaning is often abstracted, yet each color has its own symbolism and the relationship of colors has its own narrative. Light as a medium is endless … a work of stained glass transforms from day to day with the clouds and sun and from morning to sunset.

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