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Illusion and Physical Transformation Are On Tap For June 30th’s Art Night By: Mark Bettencourt


Another Art Night is upon us and next Thursday June 30th a fresh batch of talented local artists will put their work, personalities and inspirations on display for all to see. 
This night’s visuals have a certain theme of physicality.  You’re bound to see beautiful sculptures, ceramics, and jewelry from an abundance of unorthodox designers and thinkers. Other artists will use their artwork as an illusion of physicality leaving you guessing how their three-dimensional imagery came from two-dimensional objects.  And one artist in particular will be a physical part of his own unfinished exhibit that he’d like you to be a part of. 
Good. Here’s some more insight on what you can expect. 
Starting at 5:30pm there’ll be plenty to see at 30 Cutler Mills, a recently renovated cultural sanctuary for talented artists located on 30 Cutler St in Warren.  (Yes, that’s my guess as to where they got the name too.)
You’ll be wowed by sculptures from the creative mind of Allison Newsome whose eclectic viewpoint germinates from the relationship between vegetation and mankind. Oftentimes she installs her work outdoors that seamlessly blends into a setting as if Mother Nature created it herself. 
Equally impressive is the textile work of Deborah Baronas (pictured above) whose prowess for layering drawings, paintings and imagination by unconventional means gives the sense you’re viewing a hand drawn, animated projection of life on fabric. You’re not going to find work like this in the Home Décor aisle of Target. 
30 Cutler Mills will also turn up the heat with ceramic artists John Boland and Candis Dixon as they show off what’s been cooking in their kilns. You’ll be surprised to see what vibrant, detailed and well thought out home interior objects have been molded, glazed and baked from scratch. 
And don’t miss out on a special performance from the Community String Project who strive to give children and adults alike the accessibility and affordability of practicing and performing with string instruments around the East Bay Area. Their music in the background certainly won’t take a backseat. 
Right down the street from the talented walls of the Mill is the East Bay Chamber of Commerce where local artist Robert Pillsbury with show off his intricate, detailed work. Robert keeps his art in abstract, geometric patterns, while using various colored paper and other two-dimensional materials to layer and weave complex three-dimensional road maps you’ll be following for days. If you try to find the beginning or end you’ll miss the rest of the evening. 
Also in the same area behind Tom’s Market, Top Drawer Art At The Brass will be showcasing some very colorful artwork from some colorful personalities whose hard work and persistence goes beyond the canvas.
At the same time Bristol, RI will have several galleries open. The Mint Gallery on Hope St will be displaying their latest collection. If you missed out on their showing at our last Art Night in May, be sure to stop by one of the newest art offerings in the East Bay. Also in Bristol, The ReMax River’s Edge office on Bradford St. isn’t just a great place to find a home in town. It’s a home for local artists to showcase their work in town.  Who knows? You might find a fantastic piece of artwork to hang in  a fantastic new home. It’s the best of both worlds! 
Back in Warren on 476 Main St.  Made In Warren is another stable full of creativity that’s holding a reception from 6pm-8pm.  There you’ll get to mingle with 4 of their artists who each have their own unique flair for their crafts including hand drawn illustrations, fine jewelry making, fiber art and ceramics. Some of the artists will also give you a demonstration of their techniques and beautiful minds. 
Finally at the Imago Gallery on Market St. in Warren, featured artist Douglas Breault is ‘drawing conclusions’ from his own little social experiment. Instead of showing off completed works in the gallery, his process and production are the exhibit in the gallery as he creates his project from scratch. Douglas wants social interaction and interruption to influence his final product. That’s right Art Night guests, your presence in Douglas’s gallery/studio on June 30th may influence his final project.  It’s social media without the Internet! Imagine that? 
That’s the beauty of Art Night in Bristol and Warren. Imagination is running rampant in the East Bay leaving attendees spellbound and their friends wishing they had attended. Why be the latter?
Join us all on Thursday Night June 30th starting at 5:30pm on 30 Cutler St in Warren. 
You’re welcome to walk or drive around to the different studios as you wish. But if you want to do Art Night in style be sure to make a reservation for the Trolley Tour that’ll take you to all these magnificent showcases featured in Warren. But don’t delay. Space is limited! 
Hope to see you there! I’ll probably be the one taking notes.  
Mark Bettencourt is a creative writer and producer based in Rhode Island who likes to tell stories through arts and entertainment. You can read more of his musings at The Court of MVB .

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