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Alta Luna Studio at the Bristol Art Museum
10 Wardwell Street
Bristol, RI USA 02809
Member since 3/25/2014
JANE ANN DEVER, Painter, Mixed Media
Painting is a God thing for me — a blessing. 

Consistent, daily painting allows me to become “painterly” and to “flow” with the process that dissolves creative barriers. My painting is absolutely my life’s work and I liken the oils, acrylics, watercolors, oil pastel to metaphoric “blood” on the page. In losing myself in the act of painting, I find myself.

I’ve been painting the Blessed Mother and Child for nine years now. I love them and may never stop, as they represent unconditional love, the beauty of sacred relationships, the wisdom (and challenges) of children, mothers or both. Sometimes, they are traditional icons — but usually with a bit of a twist, depending upon my mood. They range from funny to demure to wild or sullen, from all cultures — and rarely anatomically correct. They are ALL good company. 

I blog about my work daily on, as writing is another passion of mine. The writing on is personal but never boring! Visitors are welcome to the Studio by appointment and on ART NIGHTS.

Enjoy Art Night and thank you for your support of local artists!

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