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42 Basswood Dr
Bristol, RI 02809
Member since 7/9//2014
LAUREN KOGER, Multi-Media 
Multi-Media Artist Lauren Koger, is the founder of Art Saves People, a community of creative individuals that are connected by a world of inspiration, radical acceptance and healing, using ART and believing in it.  “Art Saves People.” Thats what I wrote in my journal when I was 16 years old it was the wisest thing I’ve said yet.

There is no art that hasn’t been done… Art isn’t about looking pretty or realistic, it’s about the experience that happens when you’re creating it. It’s about the experience you have when you’re looking at it. Its about the emotions and the connections and the feelings that come alive. A human being can take something imaginary and make it not only real but eternal. How cool is that?

I hope to feel, expose, reveal, relate, teach, and speak for those who need an opening to do just that.I want to capture the emotion and the circumstance in a piece for others to access every time they look at it.  Its not always a good feeling, but its a feeling and its part of being human. To help others feel whatever it is they need to feel is my purpose.”

I’m combining psychology, spirituality and science with the beauty of the human condition through art. -Lauren Koger

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