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#meettheartist Linda Megathlin

On Thursday, October 24th, we visited the studio of Linda Megathlin.

30 Cutler Street, Studio #218B, Warren


Feedback from #meettheartist guests:

“Linda is a charming artist. Her creativity is inspiring!! I am so impressed with her growth in her artwork! Also, love her various stories. And I own one of her prints. Thanks.”

I was impressed by the artistic enthusiasm for life! Which clearly translated into her ability to communicate that vitality in her works.”

“How to be an artist – Linda starts with an image ( a possession) and follows it through to light, shadow, color, ART!”

“I was impressed by the continuity in her work from medium to medium. Also in the physical nature of the transfer process which seems to reach back to dark room days.”

“Truly inspirational, love the idea of layering images/ thoughts. Beautiful! Thank you.”


As a photographer and mixed media artist interested in themes of transformation, my work gravitates toward finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, the universal in the commonplace. Creating photographs and mixed media compilations from objects and natural elements we see every day, my focus is on the layers of meaning beyond the surface, surprise couplings and unconscious revelations.

Though I began my art career as a traditional black-and-white news and event photographer, currently I primarily work with abstract digital photography transfers and mixed media collage on non-traditional substrates such as wood, metal and stone papers. Recent subjects have included the concept of literal and figurative possessions, still life arrangements, winter trees, explorations of plant life and the ethereal nature of water.

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