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#meettheartist Shanth Enjeti

On Thursday, February 27th, we visited the studio of Shanth Enjeti

Studio #105, Cutler Mills, Warren

Feedback from #meettheartist guests:

“I loved this. Enjeti is a great teacher – his demo was very informative, magical. “
“Really interesting art journey. Great demo on mixing and using complimentary colors. Inspiring human being who must be a great teacher.”
“Shanth was wonderful, informative, and engaging.”
“Shanth is thoroughly engaging. The color blending was informative and easy to follow. Kudos!”
“I love Shanth he is such a generous teacher and he gave a wonderful inspiring artist talk.”
“Fascinating presentation. I learned a lot! Very enjoyable.”
“Totally enjoyed Shanth’s talk and art. Thank you so much.”
“Hearing lessons from teachers he admired, the idea of passing down the knowledge – like a right of passage. Thanks! “
“Very entertaining, Excellent speaker.”
“Excellent presentation. Love the down to earth, nuts and bolts ideas. So lucky to have such a talent in the community.”
“Looking at Shanth’s art, I am amazed at the detail, the figures, the color …and want to know the story behind it all. This talk and demo provided insight … Thank you for this opportunity.”


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Shanth Enjeti is a New England based artist and illustrator who creates portrait, nature and narrative works. Working chiefly in acrylics on canvas, Shanth’s work balances his passions for color, character, cinema and nature.
Shanth’s work orchestrates seemingly incongruous elements into a unified and dynamic experience for the viewer. Several recurring themes can be recognized in his work, such as the juxtaposition of popular culture imagery, the use of classical visual motifs, and the exploration of the natural world and biology.
Shanth’s paintings are notable for having flowing marks and expressive use of color. His paintings explore the character of a subject through his keen observation, expressive use of media and insight.



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