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“Loved the diversity of artists and locations. I really liked those that had the artists sharing their work and their perspectives. Really liked Boris Apple’s protest photos & insightful commentary.”

“I thought the program presented a well-planned sequence of videos, with an interesting variety of artistic works and processes. Shanth Enjeti’s description of his work as an artist and his thoughtful comments on the attitude of a successful artist was a valuable contribution. I also particularly enjoyed the discussion of their works by Imago artists and the inclusion of the Public Art artists commenting on their work.

“I enjoyed the show a great deal! I loved the variety and the fast pace (moving quickly from one artist to another).”

Loved the variety of artists, and getting to know them. Video was well done, professional, – really enjoyed it.”

“I watched the entire event; it reflected careful planning and showcased several interesting artists and venues. I especially liked the variety of artistic endeavors and other activities showcased.”

“I had no idea we had so many talented people in our community! Though I’m not artistic myself, it’s actually inspiring me to try creating something. Also, as an introvert I truly appreciate the stay home version of art night. Thanks to everyone who worked on this project, we thoroughly enjoyed it!”

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