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“I thought there were several high points: Eileen Collins’ tour of her studio; Elwood Donnelly’s demonstration of basket weaving; the Maker’s Studio; the Hotpoint Emporium, and the Bristol Historical and Preservation Society ‘tours’. The musical interludes were great.”

“You all did a great job adapting & transiting to online!!”

“Excellent presentation. Loved the demos and the music. Hallelujah was a highlight. “

“I watched the entire event; it reflected careful planning and showcased several interesting artists and venues. I especially liked the variety of artistic endeavors and other activities showcased.”

“Loved the whole presentation!”

“I did really love a chance to see that show! I thought the Mount Hope High School presentation was outstanding for its clarity and format and I was very glad to see them included. I thought Hotpoint’s presentation was good, engaging and clear, for showing the range and quality of the work of their many artists, I loved Elwood’s demo and Ellen’s Mudstone visit! Overall, a well curated experience.”

“I am a regular attendee of Gallery Night in Prov; and the Art Night in Bristol/Warren.I really LOVE both events . Surprisingly, I really enjoyed watching Art Night from my couch, eating a donut. I was impressed with the variety of Artists,musicians etc. It was cool hearing in more detail than live events- hearing the artists explain their process and get to see their studios. I also was very impressed with the High School seniors art,as well as the computer graphics- it was slick but funky.i also liked the variety of musicians. The only thing I didn’t watch completely was the grafting- but my husband enjoyed that.Also before I forget – who knew that people collect sand,and that it comes in different colors!! I also love history so I really learned a lot from The Bristol Historical Society. So thank you so much for putting together this event!! I really enjoyed it.”

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